Going into detail about how I lost a bunch of weight last year and what I do to further improve my health has never provided much enjoyment for me. Maybe this is because I’m a bit modest at times but it probably has more to do with the fact that I started with eating “Paleo.” As soon as the word comes out of my mouth, most people stop listening and chalk another one up to the “fad” diet they’ve been hearing so much about.

This post and series is certainly not anti-Paleo though. We can learn a lot from our Paleolithic ancestors and there are various Paleo diets out there that are excellent ways to improve your health and wellbeing. However, the biggest problem that I have seen with this approach is many people consume a very limited variety of “compliant” foods when following these diets.

As the weight started to melt off me, my diet started evolving to keep pace with my changing needs. Next was “low carb,” then I was eating traditional, nutrient dense foods…these explanations were generally met with a blank stare. Lately I had just avoided the topic because it was something I had failed to encapsulate in a sound bite just yet.

In this series, I will present Paleo as an excellent starting point on the journey to finding the way of eating/living that works best for your own unique self and situation. Along the way, I will provide some of my ideas (at times supported with research) and hopefully get you thinking and experimenting on your own.

My Story

For most of my life I have been overweight…even though earlier in life I was very athletic and played a variety of sports. No matter how much I exercised or tried to restrict calories, the weight wouldn’t stay off for long. Then college and adult life happened and my body fat percentage ballooned.

At the beginning of 2012, I started CrossFit and soon after was introduced to Paleo. The combination of which sparked a series of events that would obliterate my preconceived notions on “healthy eating” and completely transform me.

Things didn’t always go smoothly (and still don’t all the time). There were cravings, intestinal issues, multiple injuries, dips in energy, etc. Yet I found a way up and over each obstacle. Finding the solutions to most of those obstacles required more information than I could find in the Paleo community alone however.

Fortunately for me, I had been building the required skills for this transformation over several years. There really is a lot to learn for someone starting from scratch. Knowing what constitutes real food and which ones work for you, reprogramming your mind/body to sense what it really needs, planning meals, cooking simple dishes, sourcing ingredients, tracking progress, sticking with it. These all take time and effort. That is why I felt so compelled to help others with this type of transition by becoming a health coach…and why I’m writing posts like this.

Series Outline

As I sat down to write on this topic it was originally just one post. But it just kept getting longer and longer. So I started breaking it into steps (or parts). Here is the tentative series that I have come up with.

Part 1: Defining Your Goals and Getting Started
Part 2: How to Evolve Your Diet
Part 3: The Wild, Fermented, Prebiotic, and Supplemental
Part 4: Non-food Factors
Part 5: Putting it all Together

I’m really looking forward to getting all this out of my head and down in writing. Enjoy.

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