People keep congratulating me for all the hard work it took to lose a bunch of weight. But I have a confession to make. It was actually pretty easy.

Stay with me on this.

Until last year I went through life thinking I was just a “big guy” and my many failed attempts to lose weight and maintain it over the years were futile. Nothing seemed to work. That was until I started looking back…way back. We don’t even have to go back to our Paleolithic ancestors to learn a thing or two about real healthy living. Even my not-so-distant roots in Eastern Europe provided much to learn in the form of fermented and nutrient-dense foods as well as relationships within the community. I’m constantly (re)learning and growing in every aspect of my life. Health is a by-product.

Now that I’m healthier, I work hard to see what I’m capable of…I don’t work hard to keep myself healthier.

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