Next week I will be attending The Ancestral Health Symposium in Atlanta.

This symposium is a three-day event created to unite the ancestral health movement and to foster collaboration among scientists, health professionals and laypersons who study and communicate about health from an evolutionary perspective to develop solutions to our health challenges.

Here is a rundown of the sessions that I’m planning to attend:

  • The Paleolithic Prescription
  • How to Love Randomness
  • The Consuming Instinct
  • HFCS Litigation
  • What is Optimal Health?
  • Find Your Why
  • Liberation from the Industrial Food System
  • The End of Paleo: Is the Ancestral Health Movement Going Mainstream? I Wouldn’t Bet on It!
  • The Real Paleo Challenge: How a Fad on the Fringe Can Become a Force for Change
  • Parasites are Paleo: The Hidden Costs of Modern Hygiene
  • Green Exercise and the Influence of Environment on Health
  • It Ain’t Your Great-Grandparents World: Environmental Toxicity – Understanding It, and What to Do About It
  • Ketogenic Diets for Athletic Performance
  • Brain Food: The Vital Connection Between Diet and Mental Health
  • Nutrition Consulting Workshop
  • Insulin and Obesity: Reconciling Conflicting Evidence
  • The Case Against Nutritional Supplements
  • The Whole9 Seasonal Model for Health Workshop
  • Heat and Health; Paleo Myths and the Other Metabolic Hormones, Leptin and mTOR
  • Circadian Rhythms: Their Significance in Human Health, and the Major Factors Affecting Them
  • Metabolic Flexibility: What Is It, And Why Is It Important?
  • An Ancient Perspective on Decondition in Low Back Pain
  • Sleep Apnea, Attention Deficit Disorder and Small Jaws: Not Likely Things of the Past

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